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Working in a fast-paced environment means there's little time for cumbersome administrative tasks. When those tasks are a recurring process to collect forms and applications to manage reviews and approvals, then it's time for InfoReady.

InfoReady automates the time-consuming work of running application, review, and selection processes with a cloud-based software. 

With InfoReady, administrators can:

  • Streamline application and review processes for limited submissions, seed grants, scholarships, administrative approvals and many more.
  • Create and edit workflows simply and easily, without IT support.
  • Efficiently manage documents.
  • Improve data management and reporting.
  • Leverage follow up forms to collect information on impacts, outcomes and annual reports.
  • Enjoy excellent support and training.

Applicants and reviewers also benefit from InfoReady's easy-to-use design so they can focus on the quality of their submissions.

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